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Users of Mozilla Firefox may see an error message about an untrusted SSL certificate when trying to log into PBW2. This is caused by Firefox no longer trusting Startcom, the certificate authority used by the site.
PBW2 was down for an extended period of time today as a result of a DOS attack against our hosting provider. Services have now been restored.
Email services from PBW2 have been re-enabled.
The PBW2 server was down for a week and a half in late August 2015. As of August 29, we are back online, with some caveats. Read the full story for details.

Please note that email sending from this site is not yet re-enabled.
We have deployed the autohost changes announced previously to the live site.
We have deployed some changes to the beta version of the site to better support autohost usage with THANCS games. These changes will allow SuicideJunkie to develop a new version of the autohost. The current autohost will no longer work with the beta site. If you are still using the beta site for general feature testing, we recommend that you switch your autohost to use the non-beta site immediately.
Is your game running slowly because you can't get around to processing turns while sleeping and working?
If so, autohosting may be for you!
I have a virtual machine with plenty of idle CPU time so I'm offering autohost service to everybody.

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