Upload response code 500

Author: Perkins
Date: May 1, 2016 6:49 AM
Category: Xi'Chung Bug Hunt
Posts: 1
So, once in a while, the server has an issue when autohost is trying to do stuff. I most often see response 500 when it's trying to log in or check for the gamelist; while that delays autohost, it's not a huge issue since it will just automatically retry. Once in a while, it gets the response 500 when trying to upload a turn, which makes it think it failed rather than the server failed, and it places a turn hold. What are the odds of figuring out what causes the sporadic response 500? Since I'm running AH from source, I'll probably just make it pretend that response 500 on uploads is fine, and it will reprocess the turn automatically on the next pass, but a proper fix would be nice.