NewMod Gamma game

Author: bearclaw
Date: Feb 2, 2017 10:24 AM
Category: Spaceport
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I've created a new game called NewMod Gamma that uses my NewMod v1.4.

I'm still putting some final touches to the mod then will be uploading it in the next couple days.

Still looking for players. I'm not set on just 8 players. If more people want in, just let me know I i can change it.


Commenter: combatwombat
Date: Feb 3, 2017 10:21 AM
NewMod Gamma game
I don't have time to join right now but I am curious about the mod. Can you give a quick explanation?
Commenter: bearclaw
Date: Feb 4, 2017 11:49 PM
NewMod Gamma game
Its an attempt at creating a whole new experience playing SEIV. I started with a blank slate. Completely. And I've built every facility, shipsize, component and tech area from scratch.

In order to do this, I created an Excel spreadsheet that I can fill in the blanks, use dropdowns and auto-calculations to create a text file export that I can just copy/paste into the data files and voila!

Everything is built on formulas. For example, certain abilities will always add a certain cost modifier to a component. Base costs of all components is calculated based off: Size and Structure; ratio of size to structure; number and type of abilities; how many/levels of techs are required; armor or weapon or neither. This creates a very balanced system between cost and size of all components.

Ship hulls: instead of having dedicated hulls for transports, carriers, colony ships, etc. NewMod lets the role of the hull be defined by the components. Transport Bridge for transport ships, Battle Bridge for warships, etc. Also, it is Neo-Standard shipset compliant.

Tech Areas: I created a list from Real World fields of study and Science to work through to unlock new technologies.

Planets/colonies: I've created a system where you can work to build Tall or Wide empires. There is a strong advantage to trying to establish colonies of your home atmosphere type with your home race.

Here's a copy of a "how-to" document I created that should give more info:!Av5z-xQ6s0Mopqo4M9-HuBsft5p4Rw
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