Crossover Mod Armor Ideas...

Author: DXM
Date: Mar 11, 2017 5:13 PM
Category: Spaceport
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List of Armors:
Looking for feedback!
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Commenter: combatwombat
Date: Mar 12, 2017 12:37 PM
Crossover Mod Armor Ideas...
How would you ever balance all of that? :O
Commenter: DXM
Date: Mar 12, 2017 7:51 PM
Crossover Mod Armor Ideas...
Err....with great difficulty? :/

Do you have any more specific comments...?
Commenter: Skyburn
Date: Mar 24, 2017 10:03 AM
Crossover Mod Armor Ideas...
Many of these armors seem very similar to each other. Having a list of 40 armors to choose from is difficult in the SE5 design window.
Commenter: DXM
Date: Mar 27, 2017 12:02 AM
Crossover Mod Armor Ideas...
My forum seems to be down...not sure why, or how to fix it... =(
(update: apparently a temporary issue, forum working again)

Revised Armor List...

Okay, in response to the general consensus that I had too many armors, I added a few. Actually, they were already going to be in the mod, I just didn't list them before. ;) But, I did remove several of the armors: Recycled Aluminum, Faux-Asteroid, Dark Matter, Chameleon, Magma, Red Spore, Rock Sheathing, Refractive, Anti-Graviton & Superconductive were all removed from the list. Some of these might reappear as faction specific armors, but they are not among the armors available to any/all factions.

Tactical Gear - for infantry only (I'm considering implementing an "RPG counter" style 2d infantry unit; finding decent infantry models is often impossible, but a flat pic of a stormtrooper or jaffa warrior or peacekeeper commando should be much easier.)

Bulkhead - Kwok has these listed as 'protecting internal components' which makes sense, although I initially thought of this component as a protection against Toxic Injectors.

Aluminum Plating - cheap, light weight, normal armor
Steel Plating - slightly more expensive, slightly heavier, normal armor
Recycled Steel Plating - cheaper but not as good as regular steel
Re-enforced Concrete - cheap, heavy, only for ground structures (weap turret/tower/platform)
Titanium Armor - more expensive but more durable normal armor

Emissive Armor - stock
Scattering Armor - stock (only ships & bases)
Stealth Armor - stock (only ships & bases)
Crystalline Armor - stock, racial
Organic Armor - stock, racial

Liquid Metal Armor - slight regen, doesn't require racial trait (only ships & bases)

Ice Sheathing - thick but not strong, negates some damage from Beams (only ships & bases)
Carbon-Ice Sheathing - ice re-enforced by carbon lattice, making it stronger (only ships & bases)
(these will be in the same family, so Carbon-Ice will replace Ice)

Photochromatic Plating - very thin, very weak, especially against kinetic damage, but negates nearly all damage from Lasers

Foam Mesh - thick, weak, but negates a fair bit of kinetic damage (only space vehicles)
Reactive Armor - medium thickness & strength, negates some kinetic damage
Carbon Nanotube Mesh - very thin, very strong, stops almost all kinetic damage, but is transparent to energy damage
(these will also be in the same family, Reactive replacing Foam, Nanotube replacing Reactive)

Arcanum Armor - ruin tech, large defense bonus
Hyperconductive Armor - ruin tech, channels almost all energy damage to shields (only ships & bases)
Hyperphotonic Armor - ruin tech, channels almost all damage from lasers to shields (only ships & bases)
Nano Regenerative Armor - ruin tech, moderate combat regen, full regen every turn (only ships & bases)

Monster Hide - very thick, very strong, only for space monsters
(obviously not part of the any/all list, but since I forgot to mention it before, here it is)

Infantry - 1 armor type (might add powered armor if I find a decent pic)
Troop/Aircraft - 11 armor types (2 racial, 1 ruin, likely only 9 visible at any given time)
Weapon Turret/Tower/Platform - 12 armor types (2 racial, 1 ruin, likely only 10 visible at any given time)
Fighter/Satellite/Drone - 12 armor types (2 racial, 1 ruin, likely only 9 visible at any given time)
Ship/Base - 21 armor types (2 racial, 4 ruin, likely only 14 visible at any given time)

So, better? What do you think?
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