SEV: Modding Facilities Question

Author: TimelessBob
Date: Dec 1, 2017 8:17 PM
Category: Spaceport
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Is there any way to get a Facility to create more room for other facilities on a planet? Something like having the Cargo Facility increase Cargo space on a planet, but make it Facility space instead.

I have an idea about this: Planets are modded to have not much facility space initially, but by building special facilities called "Outposts", the amount of available facility space is increased. A 1,000kt Outpost might take a 1,000kt facility space planet and add 800kt of space to it (with 100kt facilities available, this becomes a tiny outpost with a few amenities like resupply or maybe some research, intelligence or resource gathering. However, "Outposts" can be upgraded to "Cities". The initial cost of the upgrade is a tad expensive, but the 1,000kt Outpost can become a 1,500kt City that adds +1,200kt of facility space to the planet. Cities can be upgraded as well, each time growing by 10% or so and adding an extra 10% available Facility space to a Planet as well. (Maybe building a couple new Outposts which can themselves be upgraded to cities, increasing the available facility space even further.)

I see the Cities eventually becoming "Metropolises", "Conurbations", and finally "Megalopolises", each more expensive to maintain than the last, but each increasing the carrying capacity of their planets for facilities. If a Homeworld were to begin with 10 Metropolises, (plus enough resource gatherers to pay for their maintenance), then protecting the Homeworld would become much more strategically important, and attacking another Player's homeworlds would become that much more difficult.
Anyway, this all stems from being able to add facility space to a Planet. Can Planets be made to increase (or decrease) the amount of facility space available?


Commenter: DXM
Date: Dec 10, 2017 9:42 PM
SEV: Modding Facilities Question
Advanced Storage Techniques racial trait allows for bonus cargo & facility space, so I would think it should be possible to do what you want.