Random Graphics Missing - SE5 under Win8.1 [fixed]

Author: DXM
Date: Jan 21, 2018 9:20 PM
Category: Spaceport
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I've had trouble running SE5 for some years now... I had it running fine on a WinXP SP 0 or 1 when it first came out. Later, it ran fine on a WinXP SP2.

When that PC died, I tried it on many different machines...

Mac Mini with Bootcamp XP SP2 gave Range Check Error...
XP SP3 desktop gave Range Check Error...
Win7 laptop runs okay, but not very smoothly even with graphics on low...

XP SP3 laptop runs fairly smoothly on medium graphics, but if the focus changes from SE5 -you minimize it, another app or Windows throws up a message- the entire game's video becomes corrupted & can only be fixed by closing it and restarting.

So, now I'm trying it on a new(er) PC with Win8.1 ...
In Windowed mode with high graphics, it does fairly well, but the bitmap background/outline UI for the Select Vehicle Size window & System Construction Queue window are just missing/blank/black.
In Fullscreen mode with high graphics, the mouse cursor moves rather slowly & not smoothly. The two window UIs that are missing in windowed mode are present, however, other UI bitmaps are missing - the little background bits behind the progress bars in the research window, the New Tech Level portraits in the Log window, the background of the planet properties in the main system view; the data (Rock, Large, etc.) is there, but the UI background which contains the text for those data fields (Type, Size, etc.) is not there.

Does anyone know how to fix this silly crap? Because playing with all these random missing graphics seems pretty pointless. Thanks!

Edit: well, that was quick... Turns out ekolis' fullscreen windowed script seems to fix all the issues...so far!


Commenter: james340
Date: Feb 8, 2018 5:17 AM
Random Graphics Missing - SE5 under Win8.1 [fixed]
I just recently installed SEV from steam onto my computer and it works perfectly. Not sure that helps...