How to create shipsets for space empires 4

Author: GavvinW89
Date: Mar 17, 2018 6:50 AM
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Hi i was wondering how i go about creating races for space empires 4 as ive gotten some of the warhammer 40000 races that are available but realised that a few of them are missing such as the imperium of man, eldar, tyranids, tau and loaylist space marines so i would like to know how you go about creating shipsets so that i may create these races for everyone to enjoy thanks for any help that is provided :)


Commenter: KommissarReb
Date: Mar 20, 2018 12:24 PM
How to create shipsets for space empires 4
I looked into this myself, and I think a lot of people use the DoGA 3 bump-mapping program to make a lot of shipsets. Either that or you could tint the colors of already existing ships and units, as long as you credit the people who made them. In order for the ship pictures to work at all, they cannot have been .gif images, but .bmp images from the start. I learned that one the hard way.

Funny you should mention this, but I also wanted to see these races as well. In fact just yesterday I made my own Imperium of Man faction where I used an online program to tint the color of most of the Chaos Legion's ships and units gold, blue, gray, or green to differentiate them from the three existing Chaos factions. I gave them an AI that uses psychic technology, but believe me when I say they're way more competent and Aggressive than the Abbidon or Cue-Cappa will ever be.

My dad made a mod for SE4 where he added a whole bunch of custom races, including the Ork Clan made by Robert Engvall and the Chaos Legions made by Atraikus.

Back in 2015 I was browsing the SE4 shipset uploads and downloaded the Traitor Chaptor, Slaanesh Chaptor, and Necron Army shipsets. I was disappointed with all of their AI's though, so I made the Slaanesh Chapter use Psychic technology, the Necrons use the Cephalopeia's organic technology (regenerating armor and Lightning rays are pretty close to W40k for Necrons imo), and gave them the Borg's foreign policy: war at first sight to make them more akin to the old Necrons before Matt Ward changed their codex.

I have heard of people talk about making Eldar, Ultramarines, and Tau races, but the links to them are dead. I usually use the Covenant race (that I tweaked to make work and function better) as a placeholder for the Tau since I find them to be similar enough.

P.S., sorry about the weird spacing, I don't know what's causing that as I only put 1 space in between those words.
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