FrEee Alpha 8 is here!

Author: combatwombat
Date: Aug 15, 2018 6:44 PM
Category: Spaceport
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Change Log:

.net 4.6.1 only install if you cannot get the game to start

Techs that have only one level no longer display "L1" in the GUI.
This would be useful for Civ-style mods where techs have only one level and the "L1" is just clutter.
Ships, facilities, and units can now be scrapped.
You can now pick an empire to play as in quickstart.
Like alien fleets, unscanned alien ships now display their owner in their name, e.g. "Jraenar Empire Frigate".
Construction queues with no space yard ability and no free cargo/facility space no longer count as idle for end turn purposes.
The result of a battle (e.g. victory/defeat/stalemate) is now shown in the empire log.
There is now a "design library" which lets you store designs between games.
Designs are automatically added to the library when you create them, and can be deleted by clicking the delete button on the design list.
If you start a new game and you don't have the tech for a design, it will show up under "obsolete designs".
Incompatible designs (e.g. from a different mod with different techs) won't appear.
The library is saved in your AppData/Roaming/FrEee folder, in case you need to migrate it to a new PC.
You can now shift-click a construction item to add 10 of them to the queue, or ctrl-click to add 100.
Should probably make remove work the same way...
There is now a debug console which you can type Python commands in to query game state; type a tilde "~" to access it.
The galaxy map now has multiple modes (selectable via dropdown) so you can see things like space yard rate and enemy forces at a glance using various colors.
You can now send a colony ship from the planet list screen via a right click menu.
There is now a count of existing/queued items when you select something to build.
Grid views using the new customizable style (e.g. planet list) now support filtering via a right click menu.
You are now asked to confirm deletion of partially completed construction orders.
Messages for pathfinding failure are now clearer.
System map tooltips are now easier to read.
You can now press escape to close dialogs.
The distance from the selected sector to the hovered sector (with the mouse) is now shown in the tooltip.
Sectors with owned objects in them are now highlighted with a colored square.
No more stealth lunar colonies!
First item ETA is now highlighted differently from queue ETA for idle queues on the construction queue list.
There is now an "in progress" view on the research screen which shows only techs that are currently being researched.
It's now easier to read text on the system map that's the same color as the background.
System names are now shown on the galaxy map as tooltips.
You can now sort ships by role (design type) on the construction screen.
Double clicking a planet on the planet list now highlights it on the map.
The research screen grid is now sortable.
Combat simulations now display a wait cursor while in progress.
The component report now distinguishes beam weapons from bolt weapons.
There is now a popup when you win or lose the game.

Game Engine
Repairs are now implemented; ships repair a number of components per turn depending on sector repair abilities, while units and facilities fully repair for free each turn.
Various under the hood performance improvements.
Facilities can now be upgraded.
Sadly, we had to (temporarily?) can the newtonian combat as it was too buggy and no one could figure it out. Now it's just a generic turn based furball again.
Pathfinding is now possible via warp points.

You can now use templatizer-style embedded formulas (string interpolation) e.g. Name := Mineral Miner Facility {level.ToRomanNumeral()}.
Added a ScriptNotes property to the Galaxy class for scripts to store freeform data.


Commenter: Artaud
Date: Dec 13, 2018 10:49 AM
FrEee Alpha 8 is here!
Is anyone playing this? I know it has been in development for some time. How many downloads so far? I am curious because I always hesitate to download from a site I dont know very well.
Commenter: combatwombat
Date: Jan 4, 2019 10:01 AM
FrEee Alpha 8 is here!
You can look at the downloads page and see the numbers.