I have some several questions (SE4 Deluxe)

Author: Myordas
Date: Jul 14, 2020 9:22 AM
Category: Spaceport
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Hello, I'm just new here in the game and I have several questions:

1. How do I create spaceships and race pictures? Are there any apps to make one? (I want to create a playable race)
2. How do I colonize planets and have an enough metal supply?
3. How do I mine asteroids?


Commenter: Blackadder
Date: Jul 14, 2020 2:53 PM
I have some several questions (SE4 Deluxe)
Welcome to the game!

1. I would recommend downloading some existing fan-made shipsets and studying what goes into them. It's just a bunch of BMP files of certain sizes, so you can make them with any graphics program. If you download enough shipsets, you may actually discover that someone else has already made what you're looking for anyway.

2. You need to build a colony ship and load some population onto it. Click on the "Colonize" button at the top of the screen, then click on a colonizable planet. Planets with a green star are colonizable and have an atmosphere you can breathe. Planets with a red star can be colonized, but you can't breathe the atmosphere (so they can hold far fewer facilities and much less population). Planets with a little "Stonehenge" symbol have a ruin, and you might get free technology if you colonize them. If a planet doesn't have a red or green star, you need certain technologies before you can colonize it. I suggest this article for tips on building your economy (actually, I suggest reading all of the strategy articles on the wiki):


3. You need to either build a ship with remote mining components, or launch satellites with them, or use a space yard ship to build a base with them in the asteroid field. Unfortunately, remote mining components are too large to fit into early satellites or ships, and you won't be able to build space yard ships until you research cruisers. Later in the game, when you have the wherewithal to mine asteroids, you'll probably have better things to do with your time and resources. Personally, I never bother with it, not even when I play mods that make the remote mining components small enough to use on early satellites.
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