A powerful testimonial!

Author: Drazi
Date: Aug 16, 2021 5:14 PM
Category: Spaceport
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Seems some stupid issues take time to die, especially when SOME people behind the scenes just won't let their personal issues go.

The reason for this post is I was just recently approached by a friend and player (*name withheld) here about an issue with BK, because he'd recently heard from (*name withheld) - another player here - some very negative things about BK and wanted to know what I thought about it since I game with him a lot.

I made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that I thought it was petty bullsh*t spread by a sour grapes idiot who had NO IDEA what he's talking about.

And to further drive that point home, I'm re-sharing a post that was made by Bearclaw - a longtime veteran player here who is highly respected - that makes a few succinct points and clears the air about a stupid issue that ignorance brought up and ignorance seems to keep fanning the embers of:

"For the Record

Author: bearclaw
Date: Jun 26, 2021 7:36 AM
Category: Universe Of Empires

First, let me state that I don't post this lightly. I've been contemplating this for a few days but feel its needed. I do NOT want discussion or response because I don't think it is needed.

Its been revealed to me that some people have mis-interpreted some of the things I've said, or not said, in the past. When issues/situations have arisen in this game and many others, my involvement has been behind the scenes. I do not feel airing grievances publicly for all to see is of any value or needed. The times that I've appeared to be silent on issues, I have been discussing privately with people involved, sometimes extensively, for the purpose of clarifying or getting a better understanding without all the chatter the inevitably comes out of a public airing of grievances.

So, let me make one public statement once and for all:
I've played games with many of you many time over the last 20 years of PBW1 and PBW2. I've come to know most players for what type of gamers they are and feel I can deal with most types. Many of you I consider friends and most of you I get excited knowing we will be in a new game together.

When it comes to BK, I will say this: BK is without a doubt the most honest, forthright, upstanding and honorable individuals I have ever met in my life. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting him in real life and his family. I slept on his couch and introduced him to Poutine. I am extremely grateful to call him one of my close friends.

Does he have a temper? Absolutely. Can he get reactionary and stubborn? Without a doubt. Will he ever cheat at at game? NEVER.

This post is already longer than I would like so I won't stretch it out any further other than to say that in hindsight, yes, I probably should have said this publicly earlier because of the crap that was said because some people seem to have assumed (wrongly) that my silence meant I was agreeing with the negative things that were said in the past. I want to thank Robosaurus for pointing that out to me.

Why am I posting this now? Because despite the fact that things appear to have settled down, privately by email, I am still responding to different individuals who don't seem able to let things go. Going forward, if situations rise I will still be taking the path of privately dealing with situations. Sometimes that means calming BK down, sometimes that means explaining to others what is going on, sometimes that means listening to others in order to truely find out what an issue is about. Thats just how I roll.

If anyone does want to talk more about this or anything else, here's my email: pelldom@live.com"