Favorite Tactics in SEIV?

Author: Zed
Date: Sep 12, 2021 11:25 AM
Category: Spaceport
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What is your favorite tactics, or preference of play, in an SEIV game?

Do you favor missiles, or fighters, or heavy weapons? Do you dig in and wait for them to come for you? What do you like to do most in a game?


Commenter: DXM
Date: Sep 12, 2021 7:50 PM
Favorite Tactics in SEIV?
I'm real bad at getting bored with the shipset I'm playing with and wanting to change it up...or thinking of additional mod ideas and starting over to test them.

But, I will make these comments:

Missiles are great because they don't miss and you don't need training/sensors for your ships. However, if the enemy has decent point-defense, you'll need a heavy advantage in numbers to swamp their defenses.

Fighters often seem to me to have weapons that are either too weak or too short range to be very useful, unless you have just swarms and swarms of them.

Direct fire weapons need sensors and training for your ships, to reduce the amount of misses - even at point-blank range they often miss. But, the ability to get hits in on the enemy on the current turn, rather than waiting for seekers, often can save your ships.

I was told that TDM had the best AI... My experience with it shows a number of things:

It does seem that AIs that favor seekers often don't fair as well against AIs that use mainly direct fire weapons.

The AIs are good at expanding rapidly... However, the trade-off is that they almost always leave their homeworld undefended. I discovered that if I could get a small force to their homeworld fairly early, I would find they had no weapon platforms or troops, making capture easy. Sometimes, they would build a station or two for defense - but, if it was early enough and their colonies weren't developed, then staying out of range and blockading their homeworld meant they lost their defense bases on the next turn due to lack of resources.

If you start with all techs, the AI often wastes most of its resources on trying to build stellar manipulation ships. Including utterly pointless ones, like warp point openers, that it then uses to randomly connect to other systems...making the map look like trash.

Also, the AI would build base ships, which cost way more, take longer to build, and in the stock game they are too slow to be effective against large numbers of smaller, faster ships.

I did my best to fix the last two issues, by deleting the stellar manipulation & base ship designs from the AI data files. But, some of the AIs still occasionally build base ships for some reason.
Commenter: NeuroCPU
Date: Sep 13, 2021 11:13 AM
Favorite Tactics in SEIV?
hope the TDM team or volunteers will update/optimize AI's with empire designs (vehicles/traits) for the community edition
Commenter: Blackadder
Date: Sep 24, 2021 11:07 AM
Favorite Tactics in SEIV?
My favorite strategy is to build up a massive force on the border, bait the AI to attack me on my territory, smash his main force, and then blitz through his territory. The AI is incapable of dealing with a rapid enemy advance and falls to pieces. Tactically I like massive swarms of fighters as early as I can get them, missiles early, PPB's midgame, and APB's late.
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