SE4: Still as good as ever

Author: Artaud
Date: Apr 27, 2022 7:01 PM
Category: Spaceport
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I have not played SE4 in several months, but yesterday decided to start a new Devnull mod game using a race I created, the Union of Worlds, which is based on the Union of Worlds in Asimov's Foundation series.

The magic of this game is still there. Even in the early stages, before you meet any other races, the game draws you in. You find yourself busily designing new ships and units, extending your empire to just one more system and playing just one more turn before shutting the game down for the night.

SE4 is truly a great game. I know MOO has its fans, but I was never able to enjoy that game. SE4 just has everything I ever wanted in a 4X game.

I've been playing since a demo appeared with some magazine back in the day. Computer Gaming? I don't remember the magazine. But the game has stayed close to my heart me all these years.


Commenter: NeuroCPU
Date: May 2, 2022 4:54 PM
SE4: Still as good as ever
nice game indeed, let's wait for the SE4CE
Commenter: blackknyght
Date: May 4, 2022 12:19 PM
SE4: Still as good as ever
Yeah, even after 20 years I still seriously enjoy SE4!