Shown Down Moved to DEVO and KLEEIA Due to Rain

Author: Will
Date: Jun 9, 2019 3:50 PM
Category: Mantle of Sun
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Well, the USSSR held a party in Cassius and the Shogunate were the surprised guests providing their home world as a door prize. Due to galactic rain the anticipated shown down between the massive Avalon fleet and the tiny USSSR fleet was moved to Kleeia and DEVO. We can only hope the battle lives up to the hipe the press has been showing in galactic TV. With the Avalon forges running night and day it is not surprising that their fleet tops of 2,000 ships and counting. How will the poor USSSR potato farmers cope with these numbers. Only time shall tell as it looks like the Avalon will now invade their territory, of course that did not go so well in Sontara.

Boris, the Ugly
Assistant to the Assistant Defense Minister