Please help setting up autohost

Author: JHRPBW2
Date: Feb 28, 2016 12:47 PM
Category: Support
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I would like to arrange for turns in my three player SEV game (balance mod 119i) to run automatically.

I tried downloading the autohost.exe file, but ran into problems (described below). I also selected "invite autohost" and selected suicide junkie. Does that mean that suicide junkie may be willing to host for me? If so, great! If not, please advise on what I may be doing wrong in setting up autohost.

I set up the game on PBW2, and followed the instructions in the autohost readme file, but when I run the autohost.exe I get an error message. I suspect this is because I have not edited the AutohostConfig.XML file. I've cut and pasted it below, with only one change: I replaced my PBW2 password with "[my password]". Thanks for taking a look.


JHRPBW2[my password] a -ep $archive $filesrar e $archive $savepathdel "$savepath\*.???"ulturn.rardlturn.rar2e4"c:\autohost\se4\se4.exe" "$savepath\$gamename.gam" "$password" "0" "$modpath" -nd$savepath\$gamename*.*c:\autohost\se4\savegamecarrierbattles1.7c:\autohost\se4\carrierbattles1.7\savegamecarrierbattles1.8c:\autohost\se4\carrierbattles1.8\savegame"C:\autohost\se5\se5.exe" "$savepath\$gamename.gam" "$password" -moddir "$modpath"1$savepath\$gamename*.*C:\autohost\SE5\SavegameBalance Mod v115+C:\autohost\SE5\SavegameStellar Warfare Beta 6C:\autohost\SE5\SavegameCCMod 9.0C:\autohost\SE5\Savegame"c:\autohost\eh\EventHorizon.exe" "$savepath\$gamename" "$turnnumber"$savepath\$gamename_$turnnumber*.*c:\autohost\eh\savegame"c:\autohost\thancs\thancs.bat" "$modpath" "$gamename" "$turnnumber"$savepath\$gamename_$turnnumber*.*stockc:\autohost\thancs\savegame


Commenter: suicidejunkie
Date: Feb 29, 2016 6:11 PM
Please help setting up autohost
I'm afraid I don't have SE5 installed on my autohost VM (just SE4, THANCS and EH), so I can't autohost the game for you.

The XML tags got eaten quite well in the post, but you could put it on pastebin or something. I also note you didn't mention what error you got.

Do you have winrar installed, and is the exe in your path?
7zip will also work, although you'll need to use an alternate command string.

If you stop by the #spaceempires channel on we can get some quicker responses going.
Commenter: JHRPBW2
Date: Feb 29, 2016 9:56 PM
Please help setting up autohost
Thank you, suicidejunkie. For some reason I could not load It just timed out. I have asked ekolis to host the game. I don't know if ekolis has SE5 installed, but I'll keep fingers crossed. If not, I will try Perkins.

Many thanks!
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Commenter: ekolis
Date: Mar 1, 2016 5:21 AM
Please help setting up autohost
#4 isn't a website; it's an IRC (network chat) server. You'll need an IRC client such as mIRC, KVIrc, Floe, or the like to access it.
Commenter: JHRPBW2
Date: Mar 2, 2016 5:31 PM
Please help setting up autohost
Thank you ekolis, and thanks for kindly auto-hosting Homeworld.

Commenter: JHRPBW2
Date: Mar 2, 2016 9:22 PM
Please help setting up autohost
The Homeworld game has been put on hold, with the message below. All players have submitted their turns. What do I need to do to move the game forward?


"A hold from autohost processing was placed on this game on for the following reason:
No process is associated with this object.
After you have resolved this issue, click here to clear this hold. Uploading a new turn will also clear this hold."
Commenter: JHRPBW2
Date: Mar 3, 2016 1:00 AM
Please help setting up autohost
Solved it. There was an "x" next to Player 3, with option "remove player file". So, I thought perhaps that player's turn was stale. I had him rerun it and re-submit it. He verified that the file he uploaded has a current time stamp. The "x" disappeared, and so I took the hold off, hoping the autohost would advance, and indeed the turn advanced. :)