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Author: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Sep 29, 2016 9:03 AM
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UPDATE: I gave up after attempt number 104. I can't play. I now play another game.


I am a new player with SE5 and I want to install a devnull mod for se5. I couldn't find a straightforward FAQ or download for it. (finding partial files and mods and instructions form various places with versions that don't seem to match doesn't help me at all)

I've been at it for 3 weeks now.

I'm at a loss at understanding exactly what part of the multimedia pack of which version (or other files) I need to get any se5 devnull or se5 nullspace mod to work.

...if you point me at the files, I will not know where to install any of them, either, since the multimedia pack I have is not the same folders as the instructions I have for installing it!!!

I'm at my 28th attempt now. I'll take either devnull or nullspace mod for se5 with whatever it needs.

I need it as a walkthru. Having to detective it together is a fail.

P.S.: I've never had SE4, so you can't rely on me knowing certain things.


Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Sep 29, 2016 9:23 AM
Mod install walkthru
Allright, to cut it down to one mod, I need to install THAT one.

(since I managed to install Dwarf Forteress and all its tools without issue, I thought I could manage SE5's best-sounding mod, but I have not advanced an inch still in 29 attempts)

It speaks of several new things mods I have not heard of before or found, or would know where to install if I found them...

NEW: the Mod_Definition.txt file appear to be missing for that mod. I hope I don't have to hunt it as part of another mod again, one which of course isn't specified where to get and which version and where to install in that link...
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Sep 29, 2016 9:53 AM
Mod install walkthru
Wait, I followed a SE5 install link, and this "new mod" link has a SEIV logo...

I can't tell if it's a coincidence or if this is a new SEIV mod now, and the link that pointed me to that link died.... AHHHH

someone please help me install se5's dev null mod, please. Unless nullspace is for SE5, which I can't verify at all. I still can't tell which is latest for SE5

Looked in every folder for that "Mod_Definition.txt" file, it's just not in the mod in that link. How can it even work then??
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Sep 29, 2016 12:32 PM
Mod install walkthru
I can't find a readme.txt in there either. Only creator credits.
Commenter: Skyburn
Date: Sep 29, 2016 8:41 PM
Mod install walkthru
Nullspace is for SE4.

You install a mod in SE5 by extracting the mod to your SE5\GameTypes folder. It will then appear in the mod selection list when you start a new game.

Devnull for SE5 was made for 1.71, not the latest version of SE5, which is 1.79. It may not run correctly.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Sep 29, 2016 9:09 PM
Mod install walkthru
Thanks for helping on the following points:

-Knowing 1.79 stock may or may not be incompatible with the mod, so I will attempt to mod both 1.71 and 1.79

-Knowing how to install the main mod without dependencies

I still need help with:

-Knowing where is the latest of dev null for SE5 is, since what I have appears old

-Finding all the files that mod requires (recursively) in the correct versions
(without just pointing at the directory where old and new is mixed nilly-willy with poor or none sense of which ones to get and not get).

-Knowing how to install all of them, since some of them appears to be standalone mods and install as separate mods that the mod I want doesn't detect

-I know I still probably lack something called "FQM", in the correct version. What I have that sound outdated, and sounds like it installs as a standalone mod meaning I am forced to choose between the 2 mods at launch instead of having them run together.
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Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 2, 2016 5:09 AM
Mod install walkthru
I have FINALLY found and installed "DevnullMod_v1_71_3_1_basic". This was my 5th different "Dev null" mod I found, and I suspect it's the latest one that didn't disappear with devnull's website.

As it requires the "multi media pack" I installed what came out when I ran "SE5MMP_Full_v1.3.exe"

I am lacking something called "long path name ending in: FQM/starglow.bmp" I have no trace of a hint what it could be, how to know if I have the right version, and where to install it.

I also re-installed the entire game in english starting with attempt 62, since I suspect localization is a problem. It helped but I am still stuck with "FQM". But the "FQM5" type mods don't have any "starglow.bmp" type files so I am deeply stuck.

Please help!
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Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 2, 2016 5:37 PM
Mod install walkthru
One of a dozen dead ends: <--- where the media pack is supposed to be, from the FQM_readme.txt

I still haven't located a multimedia patch that will install or match the version numbers requested, and experimenting with the wrong one didn't help.

Where do you guys GET the correct, complete multimedia pack and whatever it needs??
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 2, 2016 6:13 PM
Mod install walkthru
OK, I gave up and I am now playing Dwarf Forteress (DF, dwarf therapist, other addons and its various map vizualisers install much, much, MUCH easier)
Commenter: Fyron
Date: Oct 2, 2016 7:50 PM
Mod install walkthru

There used to be a redirection from mmp to mm, but that apparently got lost when I rebuilt the server. I've fixed this oversight, sorry for the confusion.
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Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 7, 2016 2:13 AM
Mod install walkthru
You're assuming MM works, which it doesn't. Nothing to download.

You're assuming I'd know which ones to get (on a similar looking page, the all-in-one package didn't work and the mirror's package didn't work either and the others had wrong version numbers and other confusion).

You're assuming I'd know how to install them, and which ones to not install.

You're also assuming I am using the correct DevNull mod version, which is nowhere to be found (neither the files themselves, or the fact THAT version number is the one to use). At this point I expect the proper mod files to be traded by old timers on an IRC channel I have not found yet because the mod provider's site is down and the mod versions on other sites don't work, or need special extra instructions...

If I had the game installed, I'd provide a proper walkthru in great detail so more people can enjoy the game without hassle.
Commenter: Fyron
Date: Oct 8, 2016 1:38 AM
Mod install walkthru
While it is true that the all in one torrent file no longer works (and has been removed), mod readmes generally mention which MM packs they need. Safest option is to just install the latest version of each, according to the instructions provided at the top of the download page. A little common sense suggests skipping patches from old versions that you don't have installed on a fresh copy of SE5.

Not sure what you mean by wrong version numbers though; everything is listed correctly.

"FQM/starglow.bmp" is contained in the Effects pack.
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Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 8, 2016 3:55 AM
Mod install walkthru

point your browser to and to

there is simply NOTHING to download.

Installing latest everything from a similar page (which went 404 recently) also didn't work, either the packages were wrong or I still lack the crucial install instructions that are NOT part of what I downloaded.

It follows that you have not done a "from scrach" devnull+media pack install for a long while, and are assuming some ressources work, or that readmes are up to date, complete, or even exist; that is not the case for any files I have access to so far.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 8, 2016 4:04 AM
Mod install walkthru
I stand corrected: under "downloads" tab, which I was expecting to be pointed at but weren't, there are light blue files which are invisible completely to certain daltonians such as myself.

I have tried these installs before, it just plain didn't work as and I still don't know which one to get or not, and where to install them. (plus you can't "unzip" files there, windows 8.1 won't let me at all, so the instructions to unzip THERE are incorrect)

But pretend I figure out how to unzip them in these folders... or buy an older windows that can...

...Are you telling me you cleaned them up somehow so that my install is not poisonned by obsolete files like before? How about explaining why some have stars, and some other not? I keep remembering being asked to find a music pack and have no clue where to get it or its name, too. It's not on your list?

I could not make sense of scattered information I need it boiled down to single-source install instructions that are complete.

I've been playing modding games for years, and it's the first time I am truly fully stumped like that.
Commenter: Skyburn
Date: Oct 8, 2016 9:25 PM
Mod install walkthru
Remember, the Devnull mod version you have is for an obsolete version of SE5. It may not run without being modded to work with se5 1.79.

You might try a different mod. Balance Mod is popular:

You install the MMP by extracting the .rar file to your SE5\pictures folder. 7zip will help you extract .rar files.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 9, 2016 5:02 AM
Mod install walkthru
I have a friend with a perfectly working devnull mod, for SE5 1.79 and the purpose is multiplayer.

He didn't install it himself, so he can't help and will only play devnull; he finds the balance mod critically lacking certain things, and so do I. (I played a bit on his computer with balance AND devnull)

I have a complete listing of his directories and files ... I just can't make THAT out of the files I downloaded. The files are different.
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Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Oct 9, 2016 5:06 AM
Mod install walkthru
7zip didn't work in THAT directory, for some reason. It's one of the many places I am stuck. If I unzip somewhere else and move the files it looks fine but the game won't run. No error messages at all, it just closes the window it opened.
Commenter: Skyburn
Date: Nov 7, 2016 7:24 PM
Mod install walkthru
Only thing I can think of is that your copy of SE5 is in the Program Files folder. Try moving it elsewhere, like c:\Games.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Nov 10, 2016 2:36 AM
Mod install walkthru
I have moved the folders.

It never helped anything but the unzip issue.

I have finally given up on devnull mod installing at all, and I am trying to install the balance mod with the graphic pack (I totally need the storms to stop lagging my computer so much).

I am at 120 attempts or so since starting the attempt to install the balance mod (it installed) with the graphics pack (the game freeze within 40 seconds of active play tops and half the sprites are randomly missing, not consistently the same ones)

A noob-friendly install walkthru may be overdue?? Where is the best install guide for the graphic pack??

P.S.: Consider I managed to install SEIV mods after 2 tries, while I am at a combined 300 attempts with devnull/balance+graphic pack, as training to install SEV mods. I am quite sure by now there is a missing step that is "so obvious it doesn't need documentation" and as such following any of the incomplete install steps I found (or any combo thereof) is simply relying on knowhow that is thought to be extremely common to the SE players, but doesn't cover everyone...

for instance, what EXACT folder would you put the non-star-containing files at: (after you select the invisible-to-some-people text so you can actually see what you're doing??) I have not yet found information on this, and "trial and error" already found out I can't put 'em under picture. What's the catch?
Commenter: ekolis
Date: Nov 10, 2016 5:33 PM
Mod install walkthru
Sorry you're having so much trouble with this! I guess there haven't been many new players lately so everyone either thinks all this stuff is "obvious" somehow because they've been doing it for years, or completely forgot how to do it!

Regarding the multimedia pack files - the instructions on the page say to unzip them to your SE5\Pictures folder; the files will then be extracted into the appropriate subfolder under Pictures, such as Components. So that would be the Pictures folder under the folder where you installed Space Empires V. For instance, C:\Program Files (x86)\Strategy First\Malfador Machinations\Space Empires V\Pictures. It varies depending on how you installed the game - standalone, as part of the Space Empires compilation, via Steam. How did you install it?

What do you mean by invisible text? Are you having trouble reading that page?
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Nov 20, 2016 10:24 PM
Mod install walkthru
Colorblindness makes that text invisible, so you need to sweep select it to even be aware it's not a blank page.

As for your install steps, it's sounds like what I've been trying first, but I'll give it another go (using stock, then if it works, the balance mod)

I've given up on DevNull since DevNull doesn't install, has lost latest, and is probably obsolete compared to something else that's not identified in any FAQ but CLEARLY some people aren't playing DevNull but have DevNull-like improvements and bugs)

If there was a short FAQ telling me which mods are obsolete/broken, and make the whole SE4 / SE5 unspecified in most contexts problem go away since it's so confusing, we'd be getting somewhere. Even if there are SO FEW new players.

I'd write it myself if I had the info, mind you.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Nov 20, 2016 11:29 PM

1- Multimedia pack.

For people who don't know, practically every mod worth having uses it.

It turns out the only way to go for the multimedia pack (under certain versions of windows) is to move the entire game's folder, unzip the non-star files from (for the color blind, sweep select to see the links) in the /pictures/ folder, then after unzipping you put the game folder where it was.

Unzipping directly doesn't overwrite files in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Strategy First\Malfador Machinations\Space Empires V\ whatever" under certain versions of windows because the "Program Files" type folders are now special and since it's not "compatibility mode" when you merely copy/unzip files, windows will impose recent new restrictions on folders that used to allow old games to work fine.
A lot of unzipping programs won't warn you at all the files weren't overwritten!!!.

...and once I've done this, DevNull still won't install, but I'm over trying DevNull and I use balance mod latest.

2- DevNull is dead?

SE4's best mod was DevNull, but DevNullicus' SE5 mod files latest was lost (at least to new players, old players didn't post it back anywhere. You might want to ask DevNullicus himself at when he's twitch active to re-post the latest DevNull for SE5)


-The latest easily obtainable DevNull doesn't have AI improvements that the balance mod has, and that's a mortal flaw.

-You'll have to set to zero the generation of systems with "rogue planets" since these crash SE5 latest.

-DevNull for SE5 has a micromanaging annoyance with facilities that change sizes when upgrading, so you can never add "=" to a planet name when you're filled it (at least until new facility types are discovered, not just extra levels for old ones). Not being able to use the "=" trick makes for about X15 the micromanagement overall.

-DevNull doesn't install with the steps I tried (several hundred attempts, including 20 after I managed to install the balance mod + media pack correctly).

3- Balance mod

The balance mod tries to balance out and debug what's totally pathetic with the standard game (smaller systems = less lag, a little less micromanagement, a hell of a lot less tiny incremential tech levels); that makes it the Godly milestone every other decent mod should be based on.

Problem is, I couldn't learn what mods people are using that aren't "just the balance mod to fix the horrible design flaws". I never managed to install DevNull in several hundred attempts.

So I play with the balance mod latest now, but I suspect some older players know extremely well which mod is worth playing that are based on it... I do not have that info and considering 455.75 install attempts per mod average (not an exageration, I kept exact counts) I will not learn which mod is best by myself in my lifetime. That info must come from people who played them, and have the secret install steps or the compatible windows versions to play them.

4- Bug fixes I use

A friend of mine made the ring worlds and sphere worlds much smaller (since balance mod made the systems have much fewer hexes, and the ring/sphere worlds still take as many hex as before, they're now MUCH too big as opposed to almost too big to make them unusable especially in simultaneous games). The fix gives you more usable hexes around them, as well as making them visually much smaller (illogically smaller than some of the largest stars you can build these around, but it's a bug workaround so endure the logic flaw)

Now, call me lazy, I have an install that works, and I will join the legions of old players who don't help new players figure it out.

5- Stuff I can't fix

Switching to another windows may or may not freeze the game. Some people can open the task manager, then close it to make the game keep going, but it doesn't work for me.

Simply put, even as skype steals focus for one second it may crash my game, and if it's done during a savegame overwriting another savegame, I end up with a savegame that doesn't work (so I make non-overwritten savegames practically 3 times a turn in a large quadrant game). As far as I know, this can't be fixed and none of the settings will work around this bug.
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Commenter: Cipher
Date: Nov 22, 2016 2:10 PM
Mod install walkthru
This entire thread is a mystery to me. I first installed SEIV (not V) in a 1999 IBM Aptiva, running Windows 98 (I think this was in about 2004). I later upgraded to SEIV Gold. In 2014 I bought a Dell, running Windows 7. I copied all the files from my SEIV folder, sitting in the IBM, to a flash drive, then pasted it into C:\ in the Dell. Everything worked fine. The most trouble I've had with any mod was because of upgrades (and downgrades :>/ ), or adding additional files. A couple of crashes in the meantime didn't help out any either. But, the original versions always worked. It's a head-scratcher.
Commenter: ModTooHardToInstall
Date: Dec 7, 2016 3:54 PM
Mod install walkthru

KEY DIFFERENCE: SEIV! Yes, I can install DevNull for SEIV too.... just not DevNull for SEV. I gave up and went for the balance mod for SEV instead.
Commenter: Cipher
Date: Dec 9, 2016 7:58 PM
Mod install walkthru
I knew there was a reason I didn't get SEV.
Commenter: Fyron
Date: Dec 10, 2016 11:46 AM
Mod install walkthru
The process of installing mods in se5 is exactly the same as se4, other than a minor upgrade of a dedicated folder to hold them.