Mod Details :: AI Campaign

Mod: AI Campaign
Mod Version: 4.191a
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.91+
Download Link:
Author: JLS
Submitter: Maestro
Date Added: Dec 24, 2015 11:48 PM

AI Campaign Is optimized for Solitaire Play, Simultaneous Play, and Finite resources. It can be enjoyed in multiplayer LAN or PBEM games as well.

AI Campaign incorporates below mods by JLS

AI Balance: Created specifically for a more challenging AI. AI balance allows the AI and Human Players to have some specific Components, Vehicles, and Abilities. Some examples are: the AI better handles mines now, point to point re-supply, faster ship training, sector scanning, Stellar manipulations, combating Plagues, low level Master Computers to name a few

Tactical Fighter: Fighters now move in Tactical combat only. On the Strategic map, when launched over a planet or any sector, they remain on combat patrol for that sector until recovered by a Carrier or your planet. This makes for some interesting strategies and designs.

Finite Economics: This helps the AI better handle finite play and will enhance greatly the value of building Towns and Cities in AI Campaign. Finite economics mod Introduces Imperial Trade, trade centers and Asteroid Resource Domes.

Multiplayer Ladder Handicap: This helps less experienced players in your group by selecting an agreed MP ladder Handicap Level selection or selections from the Traits Menu for a point bonus that can be spent by weaker players before staring a new game.