Mod Details :: Balance Mod

Mod: Balance Mod
Mod Version: 1.19f
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Download Link:
Author: Captain Kwok
Submitter: ekolis
Date Added: Mar 10, 2010 5:06 PM

It's Captain Kwok's famous-recipe balanced SE5 mod!

This version was released 27 November 2009.

1. Changed - Description for Energy Refractor component since it does not stack
2. Added - New images for warheads
3. Removed - Weapon Delivery Type Damage Received Modifier Percent from Crystalline Hulls as it was not functional
4. Added - Shield Generation From Damage ability to Crystalline Hulls
5. Fixed - Error in ground combat accuracy modifier for Point-Defense Beam
6. Changed - Small increase to damage amounts for Meson Blaster
7. Changed - Re-balanced Boarding Parties and Security Stations
8. Changed - Increased Shield Generation From Damage amount for Light and Heavy Crystalline Armor
9. Fixed - Errors in some combat bonus amounts from experience
10. Changed - Reduced experience point thresholds for some ship and fleet experience levels
11. Changed - Increased experience received from Fleet Training Facility
12. Changed - Increased experience received from Psychic Ship Training Facility and Psychic Fleet Training Facility
13. Fixed - Some Stellar Manipulations were not working with all types of stars
14. Changed - Reduced resource cost of Solar Generator facility
15. Changed - Increased damage amount for Shard Cannon
16. Changed - Increased value improvement amount for Nature Shrine facility
17. Changed - Increased minerals cost of Colony Modules
18. Changed - Revised color of images for remote mining components and supply components
19. Fixed - AI players were not correctly accepting treaties from Alliances
20. Fixed - The AI was building Space Ports when it had the Natural Merchants trait
21. Fixed - Sometimes the AI would scrap all its facilities and population
22. Fixed - AI players were not adding Supply/Ordnance components to their Carrier designs
23. Changed - Crystalline AIs will no longer add multiple Energy Refractor components
24. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's Colonizer designs to better protect against boarding actions
25. Added - AI players now check ships for damaged functional components for their current orders (such as sensors for surveying)
26. Updated - AI scripts