Mod Details :: Balance Mod

Mod: Balance Mod
Mod Version: 1.19g
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Download Link:
Author: Captain Kwok
Submitter: ekolis
Date Added: Mar 10, 2010 5:07 PM

It's Captain Kwok's famous-recipe balanced SE5 mod!

This version was released 28 February 2010.

1. Fixed - Some vehicle hull modifiers were incorrect
2. Fixed - Unit maintenance modifiers for racial trait vehicle hulls were not being applied
3. Changed - Increased range for Wave-Motion Gun
4. Fixed - Damage amount for Stupifier was too low
5. Changed - Damage amount for Allegiance Subverter was too low
6. Added - Descriptive text to note if timed-effect weapons did damage in milliseconds or seconds
7. Fixed - One of the portrait images for warp points was incorrect
8. Added - New images for Point-Defense Blaster and Point-Defense Beam weapons
9. Changed - Designated Colony tech areas as unique
10. Changed - Increased cost for Shield Implosion tech area
11. Changed - Increased reload time for Shield Imploder
12. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's use of Shield Regenerators
13. Changed - Improved AI's design response against enemies using long range seekers
14. Changed - The damage amount for planets damaged by intel or random events was too small
15. Changed - AI or Minister designs for the Recon Satellite design type didn't include Basic Sensors
16. Fixed - Sometimes AI players would add multiple Stealth Totems
17. Added - Improvements to AI ship distribution based on enemy ship speeds and basic weapon usage
18. Fixed - AI players in team mode would sometimes accept a treaty from a human player
19. Fixed - Cooperative intelligence points were not being transferred in some instances
20. Changed - Improved AI's design response to empires heavily using shields or armor
21. Changed - Made some adjustments to how/when AIs mothball or scrap ships
22. Changed - Small tweaks to design type distributions for AI empires
23. Changed - AI's will be more aggressive in obtaining cultural achievements to address empire deficiencies
24. Fixed - Sometimes ships/bases wouldn't drop their cargo before retrofitting
25. Changed - Improved AI empires use of Resource Converters
26. Fixed - AI players were often building more than one Ultra-Recycler per system or planet
27. Fixed - Remotely mined resources were not being considered in AI's resource budgeting
28. Fixed - AI would sometimes try designing units with multiple Emissive Armors, which is currently restricted
29. Updated - AI Scripts
30. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts