Mod Details :: Balance Mod

Mod: Balance Mod
Mod Version: 1.19h
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Author: Captain Kwok
Submitter: CSY
Date Added: Oct 21, 2010 10:57 AM

Welcome to Captain Kwok's "stock" version of Space Empires V.

Version 1.19h was released September 23, 2010.
1. Fixed - Error in defense modifier for Troop vehicles
2. Changed - Reduced damage amount for Power Leech Beam
3. Fixed - Self-Destruct Device wasn't working correctly
4. Changed - Bridge and Master Computer components will allow vehicles to self-destruct, but won't prevent ship capture
5. Fixed - Massive Ionic Dispersers could potentially target bases
6. Fixed - Certain combinations of Fighter Bays/Drone Launchers would not satsify Carrier requirements when they should have
7. Fixed - Ships in fleets could be scrapped/retrofitted when the scrap/retrofit ministers were not activated
8. Changed - Reduced AI's likelihood for accepting migration treaty elements
9. Changed - AI will consider unexplored warp points for dropping units if there are no other determined locations
10. Changed - Improved AI's unit scrapping to be balanced across its colonies
11. Changed - The AI will scrutinize their treaty status with other empires more closely for anger determination
12. Changed - Attacking and defending AI fleets will vary their tactics more frequently
13. Fixed - AI was sometimes constructing Robotoid Factories on planets without Space Yards
14. Changed - AI will always use its closest colonizer for a selected colony target
15. Changed - Improved AI's distribution of units on its colonies
16. Changed - Improvements to balance the AI's vehicle construction scheme
17. Fixed - AI empires were too often swapping Intel for Research facilities (and vice versa)
18. Changed - Add extra anger for the AI for a turn's first combat with another player
19. Fixed - Intelligence projects or events that affected happiness were not work correctly
20. Changed - AI transports and layers will attempt to use leftover movement points after dropping off their cargo
21. Added - AI will attempt to add more troops to planets with decreasing happiness levels
22. Changed - AI empires will utilize unit hubs for distribution of units to launch locations
23. Added - General combat performance history will now be kept by AI empires
24. Added - AI will use recent combat performance history to modify diplomacy
25. Fixed - Sometimes anger from an empire's relations with other known empires was incorrect
26. Fixed - Sometimes AI players wouldn't recognize anger events from weaker empires
27. Changed - Anger for enemy ships/colonies increased based on enemy's priority
28. Changed - AI empires will are now more likely to maintain non-aggression treaties with lower risk enemies
29. Changed - AI empires will avoid war or breaking treaties with lower risk
30. Changed - Added more criteria for determining if an AI empire will go to war (or break its treaty) with another player
31. Changed - Made improvements to AI fleet's retrofitting
32. Added - Diplomacy modifiers for AI empires to react more strongly to human players in weak or strong positions
33. Fixed - AI fleets would sometime report no orders when in fact that had orders
34. Fixed - Standalone AI Fighter or Drone groups weren't receiving any orders
35. Added - Happiness penalty for populations that are disloyal
36. Changed - Increased intelligent project costs
37. Updated - AI Scripts
38. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts