Mod Details :: Balance Mod

Mod: Balance Mod
Mod Version: 1.19i
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Author: Captain Kwok
Submitter: ekolis
Date Added: Jan 25, 2013 10:52 AM

Captain Kwok's Balance Mod is back from the dead!

Version 1.19i (November 26 2012)

1. Fixed - Error in tech area requirement for Ionic and Tachyon Mine Warheads
2. Added - Planet shadows
3. Fixed - Expanse system was not being generated correctly
4. Changed - Increased ordnance usage for ship-sized weapons
5. Changed - Increased ordnance storage on ship-sized weapons and components
6. Fixed - Combat movement from Afterburners did not match the described amount
7. Fixed - Environmental Achievement was not working correctly
8. Changed - Reduced effect to +/-5% for Environmental Resistance/Weakness racial traits
9. Changed - Modified various Society Types abilities
10. Changed - Modified various Government Type abilities
11. Changed - Reduced the number of hexes blocked by most star types
12. Changed - Reduced physical size of stars
13. Changed - Updated star glows and planet atmospheric effects
14. Changed - Minor improvements to pursuits against certain types of unarmed ships
15. Fixed - Score was not being calculated correctly
16. Changed - Adjusted weight of various score components
17. Fixed - Error in Nebula event picture reference
18. Changed - Improved AI's ability to deal with mine fields
19. Changed - AI will designate Minesweepers for fleet or solitary usage
20. Changed - AI will more actively use fighters and drones for defense
21. Added - AI will add a roman numeral suffix to upgrade design type names
22. Changed - Made improvements to AI's selection of targets to attack
23. Changed - Improved AI's retrofitting of fleets
24. Changed - Adding more variation in AI fleet sizes
25. Fixed - AI players had stopped constructing remote bases
26. Fixed - Crystalline AIs would sometimes add Energy Refractors to Drones
27. Fixed - AI empires were sometimes counting sources of diplomatic anger twice
28. Fixed - Sometimes AI empires were selecting the wrong treaty elements when proposing treaty changes
29. Fixed - AI would sometimes mothball remote SY bases that couldn't be unmothballed
30. Fixed - AI players with no research points available would still attempt to research
31. Changed - Improved AI's ability to cope when starting off as a fledgling empire from rebellion events
32. Changed - Reduced the frequency of AI design upgrades
33. Fixed - Sometimes rebelling colonies would be re-captured during the same turn
34. Fixed - Damage amounts for planetary damage events was incorrect
35. Fixed - Storms created by events could cause a hung game during end turn processing
36. Updated - AI Scripts
37. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts