Mod Details :: Carrier Battles

Mod: Carrier Battles
Mod Version: 1.8
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.91+
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Author: Suicide Junkie
Submitter: suicidejunkie
Date Added: Sep 19, 2012 3:53 PM

Carriers and their fighters are the new focus of combat, although supporting warships are quite nessesary as well. Fighters fill out the roles of antiship bombers, missile interceptors and fighter-killers. Four types of direct fire weapons are mounted into 20mm to 100mm cannons, in order to span the entire range of anti-missile weapons to capital ship killers. A variety of missiles are also available, from light and fast anti-missile missiles through to heavy, armored planet-killers. With se3-style point defense and infinite range missiles, the seekers are quite a threat despite the fact that they consume massive amounts of supply and do less damage per ton than direct fire weapons.

Race setup options are more limited than stock SE4, but make for a diverse set of very unique and quite viable race styles to choose from. From the classic combat skills of the "Berzerkers", to the double build rate "Disposable Society", to the high tech "Brainiacs"

This mod comes with the full set of Leaky Features; leaky shields, leaky armor, leaky PD.