Mod Details :: Dark Nova

Mod: Dark Nova
Mod Version: 4.30
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.91
Download Link:
Author: bearclaw
Submitter: bearclaw
Date Added: Dec 29, 2015 2:56 PM

After 5 years, finally a new version of Dark Nova 5 is released! DN4.30 still is in need of testing but for all intents and purposes, it is ready for all of you.
- Hundreds of bug/typo fixes
- "Cleaned up" data files
- revamped mounts
- revamped propulsion system
- updated racial/unique/enhanced hulls

Complete Fix List:
Changed family numbers of unique version of racial techs and Enhanced techs to match originals for upgrading (Curtsey of Stormy)
Changed - Break out racial hull types from Standard hull type research tree
Added light and heavy versions of racial/unique hulls
Changed hull-size mounts to require Ship Construction Tech as appropriate.
Added more unique tech areas for each type of hull size.
Changed hand arms to 1st level
Updated Default Design Type list
Added larger hybrid resource facility options (home world options)
Added Intelligence City facility
added SY City facility
Reduced max engines of transports (too fast compared to other hulls)
Reduced damage of Mini-Missile mount by 20% (balance issue)
Fixed Particle Emmission spelt wrong (partical)
Increased max engines/move per engine of Light colony ship
Changed Shell tech to be level one at Medium Tech
Decreased tech cost of Shell tech
Changed racial theoretical technology to Raised level 1 (Medium Tech Start)
Added Shells catagory to all Ship Shell components
Fixed descriptions to allow PD lasers to list to-hit bonus
Added "Weapons - Special" catagory
Moved all non-seeking/non-warhead weapons that do "special" damage to special weapons Catagory.
Fixed Symbiotic armor, refraction, crystallized armor not affected by worldship armor mount
Moved airlocks BEFORE any other launch components (AI/Upgrade issue)
Moved external moor BEFORE any other launch components (AI/Upgrade issue)
Fixed typo Organic Cruiser abbrv is wrong (OCR)
Updated Flak Cannon description
Increased damage of Flak Cannon
Decreased cost of Point - Defense Lasers
Updated all Point Defense weapon to-hit bonus
-Check weapon Target Descriptions (blank?)
Changed costs of Ram scoops & negative energy harvesters
Increased return of ram scoops and negative energy harvesters
Added maintenance reduction abiltiy to ram scoops and negative energy harvesters
Added "Cleaned up" Mounts file curtesy of Stormy.
Added "Cleaned up" components file curtesy of Stormy.
Added "Cleaned up" facilities file curtesy of Stormy.
Added "Cleaned up" planetsize file curtesy of Stormy.
Fixed typo Shard Launcher II ranges and Shard Launcher IV
Adjustment to Small Ship Engine Mount
Moved Booster Rockets to END of list of propulsion systems (AI/Upgrade issue)
Fixed 250 Kt Base shell mount (was only usable for ships)
Changed Frigate Shield Mount to require lv1 Shields Tech
Changed Troop Cockpit to require lv2 troops
Changed naming of Large/Heavy colony ships to match other naming conventions
Overhaul of Mounts for balance and clarity curtesy of ekolis
Remove 'smaller' ship class weapon mounts (scout, escort, frigate, destroyer Weapon Mount)
Reduced damage slightly to Cruiser, Battleship, Dreadnought, Baseship and Worldship Weapon Mounts
Removed Hardened Mount
Improved Premium Mount (replaces Hardened)
Removed Gatling Mounts
Adjusted point defense Mounts
Added 'scaled' Spinal Mounts
Removed native/non-native colony mounts
Added native/non-native colony components
Adjusted values and names of individual and dual/Omni Colony modules
Changed Hybrid Colonization to max level 2
Changed tech requirements for Omni-Colony to Hybrid Colonization level 2
Decreased Weapon Platform Mount stats slightly
Added +30% to-hit bonus to all Satellite mounts
Removed Micro-Warhead Mount
Removed 0G fighters
Reduced fighter level requirements of all fighters by 1
Reduced max level of fighters by 1
Reduced base cost for Theoretical Technology
Changed Tech requirments for Stellar Propulsion to Propulsion 2 and Stellar Harnessing 1
Reduced tech cost for Chemical Propulsion to 1000 base.
Reduced tech cost for Propulsion tech to base 10,000.
Reduced max tech levels of Propulsion tech to level 3 (from 5).
Changed tech requirements for Atomic Power to Propulsion 3.
Changed tech requirments for Advanced Concepts to Propulsion 3 and Physics 4.
Changed sizes of all engine components (as per re-vamped propulsion system)
Changed Movement points for all engine components (as per re-vamped propulsion system)
Added/Changed descriptions to use the term "Thrust Points" instead of "Movement Points"
Changed max engines per hull (as per re-vamped propulsion system)
Added descriptions detailing number of Thrust points needed per movement for each hull.
Reduced to-hit and defense bonuses of Components (eg: Combat Sensors) to base 3 (from base 5)
Reduced all System-wide Combat bonuses from Facilities (varies between base 3-5)
Reduced Combat Defense bonus/penalties for all hulls to base 3 (from base 5)
NOTE: Combat to-hit bonus/penalties for individual weapons and Mounts are UNCHANGED (type of weapon and type of Mount are now much more significant)
Added more planet types (ranging from Type 1 to Type 24 in size)
NOTE: Type 4, 8,12, 16, 20, 24 are simply renamed of Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge and Massive sizes
Reduced Hitpoints for militia to 30 from 60. (attempt to balance ground combat)
Added Auxilery control ability (One-only ability) to shells
Changed family #'s for all Shell components (fixes upgrading issue)