Mod Details :: Dark Nova

Mod: Dark Nova
Mod Version: 4.28
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.95
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Author: bearclaw
Submitter: bearclaw
Date Added: Jul 26, 2010 6:27 PM

DIVERSITY!! This Mod is all about diversity!! The basic game play is essentially the same as stock SEIV. This opens up the options available to players with the introduction of several key aspects. Over 90 Unique techs, additions to racial techs, racial cross-over techs, racia/unique cross-over techs, almost 70 Mounts, FQM Deluxe, and 162 vehicle sizes!!
v4.28 Fixed a setting that made capturing planets too easy.
v4.27 Revamped shells for better balance and added more levels. Plus other fixes.
v4.26 Fixed an oversight that made Spinal Mounts unresearchable plus a couple of other small things.
v4.25 Fully Functional TDM-based AI's for all stock races. ImagePack-Shipsets also includes fully functional AI's for all included shipsets.
v4.24 balancing issues corrected from v4.23 for use in the Final Dark Nova game on PBW. Final version before work on Dark Nova 5!
v4.23 continues the process of evening the resource requirements among mineral, organics, and radioactives. Another major change is the addition of Enhanced techs. Racial techs when combined with their Unique tech counter-parts now provided an enhanced version. Basicly, racial/unique crossovers. Racial crossovers and Unique crossovers are still in the works.
v4.20 is a long overdue overhaul of several items. Includes many balance issue corrections with fighters and mounts. Re-vamps the way resource facilites cost. Adds many new items including Racial colony traits, expanded City facilities, and additional SY component types.
v4.19 is a result of tracking down some long overdue bugs that were causing a variety of issues.
v4.18 radically alters many thing but most importantly implements the FQM mod into Dark Nova. Several new unique tech levels, areas and items have been added as well as all uniques now have their own pictures. Resource costs for Uniques have been adjusted as well to make them more usable.
v4.17 Properly fixes SY5's to allow upgrading. Also replaced a Basic Units tech error that made it unusable with existing games.
v4.16 corrects a bug with Basic Units tech that prevented new version from being added to an existing game.
v4.15 fixes some bugs, adds more PD weapons, puts in an experimental change to Point Singularity Cannon, and some other minor corrections.
4.14 adds some small things like racial Small arms and addresses some balance concerns with mounts. Also implemented some changes to keep none-standard hulls of value.
The main goal in creating this mod was to increase the diversity of ship designs. DN2 was the result of the original work.
Next came DN3 which added a few more changes to the ship design options but on the whole was more of a balancing work. It also introduced many new Unique techs.
Now, with DN4, I've attempted to expand the diversity from not only ships/units but also to planet facilities. This newest version sports a total of 28 Unique techs, each with at least 3 research levels giving a total 90 Unique components and facilities.