Mod Details :: Dark Nova

Mod: Dark Nova
Mod Version: 4.29
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.91+
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Author: bearclaw
Submitter: bearclaw
Date Added: Nov 19, 2010 10:23 AM

A mod about Diversity. Over 140 vehicle sizes, 90+ unique components and facilites, 64 mounts, scores of new facilities.

Dark Nova uses a unique tech tree arrangement for shipsizes and ties that together with a cloaking/sensor system that splits each cloak type into it's own research tree and boosts all sensors/cloaks to 8 levels!

Lots of different ways of gathering resources. Build massive remote mining bases, standard resource extractor facilities, city sized massive extractors, or combo facilites able to extract more than one type at a time.

Now with fully functional TDM-based AI files for all stock races! A fully playable single player game.

This version adds several new projectile and missile weapons. This also provides an overhaul of unique techs by increasing levels, better balancing research costs and making the available unique components and facilities more usable.