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Going forward, the games list page will now only show games that have had activity within the previous six months.
At long last, the much-delayed code refactoring project has been launched!
The core changes for the code refactoring project have been completed. More testers are needed before we can launch this code. SuicideJunkie is working on a new version of the autohost for the new site page structure.
The code refactoring project has been nearly completed and is ready for user testing.
"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." While progress has been slow, we haven't given up on PBW2!
We have just deleted almost 2000 spambot accounts. Only accounts older than 60 days have been deleted. We will be going through newer accounts more closely, to make sure we don't delete newly registered users that just haven't gotten started yet.
A few minor adjustments were made to the navigation controls and the profile link box. Make sure to perform a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) if you are experiencing display issues.

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Xintis says...

Behold! My floating fortress! The BattleMoon!