Recent Site News

Today brings us a few random fixes, mostly related to comments and threads.
Tonight, PBW2 ran out of disk space once again. We have taken new measures to hopefully keep this from happening for a while.
The game pages have undergone some minor revisions.
Today, we threw caution to the wind and have launched the site redesign!
In spite of the lack of any recent news, PBW2 development is not on hiatus! We are currently working on revamping the layout of the site. There is a beta (beta) version of the site where the new UI can be previewed.
Today we unveil prototypical rounded CSS themes. The primary effect of using these themes is the addition of rounded borders to many page elements. The default themes have received a few minor tweaks, but they are still nice and sharp.
Today we have updated the site to use a newer, shinier version of the jQuery JavaScript library. We have also implemented the jQuery Validator plugin for front-end form validation.

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