Recent Site News

Today we have added a new feature: game hosts can now roll back the turn state for a game. Rollbacks are a destructive operation, and the current turn will be deleted.
We have created two new forum categories, which should help keep things a bit more organized. "Dev Lounge" has been split into 3 categories: "Support," "Dev Lounge," and "Bug Hunt."
We have pushed out a change to the URL routing configuration that should make specific keyword matches no longer match when the keyword appears in part of a longer word. We have done some regression testing, but please let us know if any pages are now broken!
We've written a bulk import tool to automate importing all of the shipsets in the SEnet Shipyards section. 118 new sets have been added today!
We just pushed out some site-wide changes to pagination displays. Notably, they should no longer appear if there is only 1 page of content.
Today we bring you the exciting ability to delete an uploaded .plr or .emp file for a game!
We've just completed rolling out a number of low-level changes in the application codebase that bring it in line with more recent Zend Framework development practices. Please let us know ASAP if any features have broken!

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