Recent Site News

Today we launch a new version of the home page. In addition to displaying the latest news articles, the home page now also displays some of the open and replacement games.
Tonight we bring you the long-overdue ability to select shipsets for your games, with a fancy graphic!
Today we bring you the ability to search for games matching whatever your heart desires!
RSS feeds for site news and forum posts now display the full article or post content, instead of just a summary.
Starting today, PBW2 will now automatically delete old turn files for the games hosted on the service every night (US). The server will keep the files for the 5 previous turns, and will delete all older files. If you desire keeping a running history of turn files, make sure to do so on your local machine.
Today we bring you the exciting ability to send emails to other users.
It appears that Zend_Date is slightly broken, and deciding that dates on Jan 1, 2010 are really Jan 1, 2009. Rest assured that the actual internal logic is using UNIX timestamp comparisons, so you won't get any instructions to the autohost to process turns prematurely!

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