jQuery Updates

Author: Fyron
Date: Jul 7, 2010 2:29 PM
Category: Dev Log
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Today we have updated the site to use a newer, shinier version of the jQuery JavaScript library. We have also implemented the jQuery Validator plugin for front-end form validation.
The jQuery update is a minor point release update, so it should generally not cause any problems. Please let us know right away if features have broken!

By using jQuery Validator, sending data in to PBW2 should now be a bit more user-friendly. When malformed data is entered, you will know right away when hitting the "submit" button, and will not have to go through a page refresh cycle to see if the new data you type in will be acceptable.

We have tied the rules for the jQuery Validator script directly to the Zend Form validation logic used on the back-end. This should in general keep the error messages generated from both parts in sync. However, there are likely to be a few areas where front-end validation rules are not automatically generated properly (or at all). Please let us know if you encounter any strange results using the site.

We are currently experimenting with a new site theme using rounded corners (Gecko and Webkit only), and may have something up to try out soon! Don't worry though, there will still never be any eye-searing color gradients. ;-)