Round Themes

Author: Fyron
Date: Jul 7, 2010 9:06 PM
Category: Dev Log
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Today we unveil prototypical rounded CSS themes. The primary effect of using these themes is the addition of rounded borders to many page elements. The default themes have received a few minor tweaks, but they are still nice and sharp.
The rounded corners are implemented with the border-radius CSS properties. Thus, there will be no support in IE until Microsoft gets on the ball with CSS3. We shall be tweaking the roundedness in days to come, so make sure to submit feedback!

The following changes have been made to the default themes:

  • Use Bitsream Vera Sans font, if available.

  • Use small caps on header text.

  • Remove border color and add a bit of padding to form input elements. The overall size of the elements will not change when validator messages are rendered, though the page spacing will still be adjusted.