DIsk Space Redux

Author: Fyron
Date: Dec 31, 2010 1:22 AM
Category: Site News
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Tonight, PBW2 ran out of disk space once again. We have taken new measures to hopefully keep this from happening for a while.
The lack of available space served to prevent logins, and may have caused some file corruption issues with the last turn or two that was uploaded. If you are getting corrupted file downloads for a game you host, please consider rolling back the turn and reprocessing. If you are getting a corrupted archive for a turn download as a player, please contact support and provide us with the game name, your username, and the turn file link. We may have to manually cached corrupted player archive files.

PBW2 serves separate archive files to each player, isolating player specific data (such as log files). Naturally, this means the storage space requirements for a turn folder is multiplied by the number of players (plus host) that download the turn.

Previously, our maintenance cron job would delete turns older than 5 before the current turn. This still happens. But now, the cron job will also delete all of those host and player specific archive files for the 5 historical turns. Thus, the older turns will no longer take up nearly as much disk space, and we can still provide the turn rollback feature. After a rollback, those archives will simply be recreated from the source files on access.