Playing a Game 101

Author: Fyron
Date: Mar 1, 2011 8:04 PM
Category: PBW2 Knowledge Base
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Enclosed you will find information on how to join a game as a new player.

Join the game on PBW2

  1. Navigate to Games section and find an open game you would like to join.
  2. Click on the Join button on the right-hand side.
  3. Fill in all required information. Important fields to note:
    • Empire name: This is the name you will use for your empire in the game.
    • Empire password: This password should match the password used for your empire in-game. Do not leave this blank!
    • Shipset: Pick the shipset you plan to use. If you do not do this, it is possible that another player will select the same set. Games where multiple players use the same set make Xintis sad.
  4. After applying to join the game, you must wait for the host to approve you.

Upload Empire File

After approved by the host, you must create an empire file and upload it to PBW2. Start the "begin new game" process for the relevant game, and make sure to select the correct settings for racial and tech points. Otherwise, you will probably create an empire that cannot be used in the game.

With the correct settings in place, click on the create new empire button, and create your empire. Once finished, click "ok" to close out that popup, then click the "save empire to file" button. This will create a new .emp file in the game's "Empires" folder.

  1. Use the "Upload Empire" link to upload your saved .emp file.
  2. Locate and upload your saved .emp file. It should be located in a folder like "SE4\Empires". For some games, each mod will save .emp files in its own folder, rather than the default folder.
  3. After uploading your empire file, wait for the game to start.

Playing Your Turn

  1. Use "Download Turn" link to download a .rar archive containing the current turn files.
  2. Extract to the appropriate savegame folder.
    1. For stock SE4: Space Empires IV\Savegames
    2. For SE4 using a mod: Space Empires IV\Modname\Savegames
    3. For all SE5: Space Empires V\Savegame
  3. Load up the game. You will be prompted with a screen asking which empire to play, and asked for a password.
  4. Play your turn. Multiplayer uses simultaneous movement mode. This means that orders are not executed immediately. Instead, your orders are saved in a list that is read when the host processes the turn.
  5. Once you are done with your turn, hit the "End Turn" button. This will create a file in the savegame folder with the same base name as the savegame file, plus the player number. If the game is called "gamename.sav," and you are player 3, you should see something like "gamename_03.plr" in the folder.
  6. Back on PBW2, use "Upload Plr" link to upload your .plr file.
  7. Wait for the host to process the turn, then repeat til the texrak come home.