lazy one of the host?

Author: KMF-G
Date: Mar 21, 2017 8:04 PM
Category: Aleksei vs Vladimir
Posts: 1
"I propose to delete dead games that received no updates (of any kind) in 24 (or maybe 48) hours.
Let's not be slowpokes, right? If we came here - we want to play. If we want to play, we want to play fast.
Going on vacation? Fine. Either game will be deleted or you will be kicked. You will be able to re-join on your return.
I guess that no one do enjoy to see a whole bunch of inactive shit when he comes here, so let's clean the shit up, shall we?
Or maybe for everyone else it is pretty normal to see something like "my test game with dad" in "replacement needed" section, when a) no replacement is actually needed in this game and b) the game is actually dead for a half-year for now or even more. That dead shit should be deleted without questions and excuses." - come on, don't be slacker, your words is on.