Time to concede?

Author: TheCulture
Date: Jan 20, 2016 3:07 PM
Category: CreationOrAnnihilation4
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It appears that I have failed you. The Duchy is about to steamroller my Home Planet and I'm not able to put up an effective force to stop it. I have 50% of my planets rioting as well.

I therefore believe that the time has come to concede bearing in mind our respective score positions.
We could drag it out for longer but I think the result is inevitable. If you wish to carry on however, I'm happy to do so.

On the plus side I have learned a lot from this game - not least controlling rioters! Some of the stuff I've tucked away for future use, which, of course, I'm not going to share in open forum. :-)

On the assumption that you agree with the above may I congratulate Tom & his team mates on their win.

Aka Figgy Whizz the (still) Keen


Commenter: berendtium111
Date: Jan 20, 2016 5:27 PM
Time to concede?
I'm willing to accept your surrender if my partners will also. Losing your Home World will not make your inhabitants any happier, either. There is a special minus for that.