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Mod: DevnullMod
Mod Version: 1.79.1
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Author: Devnullicus
Submitter: devnullicus
Date Added: Feb 6, 2021 8:33 PM

This mod is intended to make a somewhat faster-paced, though still epic-scale
game of Space Empires V while addressing some of the balance issues that I have
found in the weapons, facilities, and the tech tree. Through the use of the
principles of miniaturization and much balancing, this mod attempts to introduce
a new feel to the game and give a somewhat faster pace to the timing. Research
starts out a little slower, but has a much higher potential to build up, and
the technology tree changes mean that the game moves at a reasonable pace with
changes coming fast enough to feel like you're improving, but not so fast that
you're overwhelmed.

A few highlights:
* Streamlined tech tree - still includes techs from original game (as well as
a few more), but the number of tech levels and the changes that come with
them are reasonable. No more 100 levels of tech with changes only every N
levels. In other words, when you research a technology, there will be an
immediate result.
* Usage of minerals, organics, and radioactives is somewhat reduced in many
areas and much more balanced in general (i.e. most things don't just use
minerals any more, but a more balanced mix of resources).
* In almost all technologies that affect facilities and ship components, as you
increase your tech level, the facilities/components will not only have their
normal increased effect, but also reduce in size. In other words, as you
level up your facility techs and then upgrade your facilities, you will have
more room on your planet to build even more facilities.
* Updated sizes of most facilities/ship components to be more balanced and
allow for MUCH better usage of space. For example, research facilities now
start at 2kt instead of the original 10kt. The research per facility is
reduced to 20% to balance that out, so the net effect is the same, but you
can now utilize the space on your planets much better.
* Completely overhauled missiles, fighters and point-defense. Missiles and
fighters (and units in general) are more effective than before. Missiles are
more dangerous (and many missiles have "fast" versions which do less damage,
but travel much faster so that point-defense can't get in as many hits). To
compensate, point-defense is also much better and the various types of point-
defense have different strengths. Some PD cannons do little damage, but fire
extremely quickly (useful for those "fast" versions of missiles), some fire
slowly, but do a lot of damage (useful against large fighters). Ships
without point defense are easy targets for fighters. Fleets are pretty much
expected to have support point-defense ships in order to survive against
fighter swarms. I spent a lot of time balancing this so that there was a
good balance between units and ships and I'm reasonably happy with the
* Completely overhauled society and government type modifiers. They're still
the same types, overall, but the modifiers are much more interesting and they
are much more differentiated now.
* Lots of improvements and balance fixes to racial technologies.
* Much more that I've probably forgotten about. Honestly, it feels like
playing a pretty different game than the original, though. And between
Captain Kwok's AI changes and my own improvements to take advantage of
dynamic facility/component sizes, the AI isn't completely braindead any more.
Its still not great, honestly, but its no longer COMPLETELY incompetent. One
of these days, I'll update the AI again to use the latest versions of
BalanceMod and redo my own changes, but that will be in a later version.

DevnullMod is NOT a direct port of DevnullMod for Space Empires IV, but there
are a few of the same guiding principles. The changelist is just as large,
though and I've personally lost track of where the mods have diverged. Suffice
it to say, DevnullMod for SEV is a new mod that gives a nod to the previous mod,
but is really a new and standalone mod.

This mod was built from a base of Captain Kwok's Balance Mod, V 1.10 (though I
updated the AI to account for the changes in Devnullmod as much as possible), so
if many of the files look familiar, that's why. I have found Captain Kwok's work
to be invaluable and a vast improvement over stock SEV (for many reasons which I
won't bother going into here) and thus it was the best choice for a base to start
from for DevnullMod. I have also included the readme.txt for the Balance Mod in
order to give the reader a better idea of the changes from stock that the
Balance Mod introduced.