Mod Details :: Djas Mod Enhanced

Mod: Djas Mod Enhanced
Mod Version: v1.22 +++
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: v1.79
Download Link:
Author: DJAS by Arthurtuxedo enhanced by vnucik
Submitter: vnPgBg
Date Added: Apr 6, 2018 4:52 PM

Please read about DJAS mod.

DJAS mod enhanced is a rebalance of existing hull sizes, weapons and techs. While adding a small number of new weapons, armor or techs that compliment original mod.

The biggest addition is a combat overhaul which comes with leaky armor and shields!

Having x5 or x20 armor stack gives bonus to armor hit points but makes it count as a 1 armor panel in terms of penetration. Use your armor and shields layouts carefully!

Please read about damage types (% of penetration to armor, spaced armor, shields or plasma shields) that a weapon does to gain better info.

This is a repost of this mod because old link description could not be opened.