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Mod: DJAS Mod
Mod Version: 13
Game: Space Empires V
Game Version: 1.79
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Author: arthurtuxedo
Submitter: arthurtuxedo
Date Added: Oct 4, 2009 2:28 PM

DJAS Mod is built around three main concepts: Different ship roles, quasi-unlimited weapons and armor tech, and breakthrough tech.

A player can build all ship and unit types from the beginning of the game, and they all get bigger together with research. Rather than progressing from small to big, ships of each size have their own unique role to play. Destroyers are good against units, are fast, cheap, accurate, and hard to hit. Cruisers are the backbone of the fleet, and can take out destroyers and battleships. Battleships are good at destroying fixed targets like starbases and planets with their bombardment mounts. Because of planetary shielding, a planet can stand up to bombardment from lesser ships with relative impunity. A player that builds nothing but battleships, however, will find that they are not very effective against cruisers and destroyers.

There are four main weapons: Pulse lasers, beam lasers, missiles, and mass drivers. These can all be leveled to 100, and each has different strengths and weaknesses. Armor and shields can also be brought to 100. However, a player will have to decide when to start reaching the next breakthrough tech. A breakthrough tech unlocks components that are far more powerful, but a player who researches too early may be overwhelmed by a superior opponent at the current breakthrough level.

The mod also features QNP-style propulsion with no limit to the number of engines, large sensor arrays, stackable space yards, and some other unique features. It is multiplayer-only and there is no plan for AI support.