Mod Details :: Fusion Mod

Mod: Fusion Mod
Mod Version: 1.16.3 FIX
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.94+
Download Link:
Author: Black Knyght & Bearclaw
Submitter: blackknyght
Date Added: May 25, 2020 7:01 PM

This mod is a hybrid concept mod utilizing and combining ideas presented in several popular mods. The game has been modified to accommodate several new additions to stock game play.

This mod incorporates features from FQM v1.23, USM, DNA files, Units Mod, ModWorks Space Yard Expansions, Smoothed Pop Settings v2.0, Deathstalkers Mount Mod, Unspeakable's Demeanors, and AI files from the TDM Mod. Features custom files from Bearclaw, Captain Kwok, Atrocities, Fyron, and Black Knyght. This mod has been modified to use Neo-Standard ships, new Formations, and Ship Yard expansions. Facilities and components have increased levels, and includes new image, sound, music files. Requires the latest image packs to work properly.

Note: The current 1.16.3 version DOES NOT have working AI's, due to the redesigned empire creation system. All AIs are in the works, however, and any help with this will be appreciated and credited.

Special thanx to Jen for all her incredible work in building the FM Workbook 2014 spreadsheet, and with correcting all our errors in the mod.

Additional thanx to all PBW players who helped play-test the mod and their patience in helping find and exterminate bugs during it's development.